I am fixated with travelling to the confines of the earth. I fantasise that with each new voyage I move further towards Ultima Thule – the mythical place of medieval geography, beyond the boundaries of the known world, where the sun goes to rest.

And yet my journeys to faraway places have taught me that, in a metaphorical as well as a physical sense, the world has no edges, only soft curves that deliver us, again and again, to the place where we started. Journeys, at least those that matter, are always circular: we are, even as we leave, always going home.

My work is driven by this tension between intimacy and distance, closeness and remoteness, home and afar. It is part documentary and part fiction: an intimate cartography of the end of the world, drawn by walking inside the landscape, rather than standing in front of it. An imaginary map pieced together out of fragments, memories, impressions, stories and chance encounters.

I was born in Madrid and have lived in London, Buenos Aires, Berlin and a 39-foot steel sailboat in the Caribbean. I was a human rights researcher before I was a photographer. I mostly work on long-term personal projects.  

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